Skills Required to be an Interior Designer – 7 Points Checklist

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Skills Required to be an Interior Designer – 7 Points Checklist

skills required to become an interior designer

Home is where the heart is, not only of the homeowner but of the interior designer who turns the brick and mortar structure called house into a home. Who doesn’t want to live in a house designed around their personality but not everyone has the skills needed to turn their dreams into reality. This is where the interior designer comes into play. However, there are some key skills required to become an interior designer :

  • Creativity

There are several skills that a person is born with and some that can be acquired with time. Creativity is one such skill that needs to be present in a person who aspires to become a distinguished interior designer. Creativity does get honed over a period of time with practice but you know from the start if you have a creative bent of mind.

  • Drawing skills

If you have an idea in mind you would need to put it down on a paper for the basic work. Agreed that there are several softwares available today which will aid you in your work but basic drawing skills are still required to be an interior designer. It is one of the skills that an interior designer must possess to not only create but also to understand floor and design plans.

  • Aesthetics

Where creativity is inherent, aesthetics is a skill that can be cultivated by gaining exposure to the field of designing. By reading magazines and browsing through pictures available on the net, you can always develop a sense of what looks classy and urbane.

  • Computer skills

As we said, there are many software’s available to help you in your work but you must possess the skills required to work with them. You can craft entire floor plans on the laptop only when you know how to make use of all the features of the software at hand.

  • Keeping up with what’s trending

Pinterest and Instagram to start with, there are several avenues that can help you improve your interior design knowledge & keep you abreast of what is trending in the world of interior designing. To become an interior designer, you need to stay updated of not only the national but global designing trends being followed, for the client might not be adept at designing but may know what the current trend is. This will surely help you get the best opportunity in the interior design industry.

  • Communication

Keeping it all in the mind simply doesn’t work in the field of interior designing where you need to have constant discussions and meetings with your client to know if you are progressing in the right direction and if they are happy with your work. Any lacuna in communication might lead to bizarre and sometimes disastrous results. Not only communication is an important soft skill for the interior designer but listening patiently to the client is also required. The designer should also be able to communicate well with the ancillary workers about the design plans.

  • Color Sense

Mixing of colors and what color palette to incorporate in the house is a skill that designers must possess for sure. Colors have the power of uplifting the interiors of the house and of affecting the moods of the people living in it.

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