Guide to Fabric Selection for Budding Fashion Designers

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Guide to Fabric Selection for Budding Fashion Designers

guide for fabric selection for fashion designers

Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion’ – Nino Cerruti

Fabric selection is the essence of the fashion world and it is what makes any fashion designer excited. It brings life to any design and makes you fall in love with its feel. It’s the fabric that makes all the difference in the world. And just like there is a multitude of styles and designs in clothing, so are the fabrics used to craft these styles.

For a budding fashion designer, it is very important to have the right kind of fabric to gel with the design you have in mind, for not every fabric can be used to make every dress. Fabric defines the garment and a wrong one matched even with the best of designs can prove to be a failure.

Here is a guide to fabric selection that every fashion designer must keep in mind while fabric sourcing

Fabric Sourcing for Kids

A fashion designer must keep in mind that a parent would not in their wildest dream will buy something made out of rough fabric for their child. It has to be something soft like cotton, cotton voile, or rayon. While sourcing fabric for kids, remember the fabric must feel smooth providing excellent breathability and should be low maintenance when it comes to designing regular clothes for infants or even toddlers. Thes soft fabrics also give a good stretchability to garments like t-shirts and frocks.

Fabric Selection for Women

While sourcing fabric for women, look out for the fabric that is soft, flowy & lend a good silhouette to the wearer. A fashion designer would mostly go for sequined, embellished or embroidered fabric as its widely used while designing outfits for ladies fashion and to some extent in kids clothing only.

Fabric that fascinates Men’s Fashion

Just like you would not find a dress that appealing when it is crafted out of stiff linen fabric, similarly, a fashion designer shouldn’t use rayon for a men’s shirt. For something like a men’s shirt, the fabric must hold its form and not stick to the body or appear flimsy.

Most fashion designers follow a simple checklist when sourcing the fabric for their designs.

The Price

The price of the fabric used in making a garment makes up for almost sixty percent of the garment cost. Designers source fabric which gives a perfect fit within the price bracket they are seeking to put the finished outfit in.

The Perfect Match for the Design

Functionality is very crucial to replicate the design made on paper into a real creation. A number of things can go wrong when the design envisioned is being made out of the fabric chosen. The fall and the drape might not meet the expectation or the fabric selected might clash with another fabric which is part of the same outfit; just like there are hundreds of fabrics so there are hundreds of problems


The fabric should be a perfect fit for all the finishing processes that it has to go through, before being turned into the complete outfit. Heat transfer of motifs, wet printing, attaching of trims, and dyeing, etc are some processes that do not go well with all fabrics. So, note what all your dress might go through to take its final form and decide the fabric accordingly.


Self- explanatory as it is, a fashion designer takes into account the fabric availability i.e. fabric must be available with ease as and when needed.

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