Career Prospects in Fashion Industry

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November 19, 2018
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Career Prospects in Fashion Industry

career prospect in fashion designing

Fashion brings ideas to the mind. And doing courses in fashion and dress designing is such a good idea especially when a student enrolls with INIFD Gurugram , India’s leading organization in fashion education and training.

Being a part of INIFD Gurugram will make you capable of creating your very own identity in the fashion world. There are certain names in the fashion industry that have become synonymous with quality and an inspiration to the young minds who have gotten themselves enrolled in the various fashion designing courses being offered by INIFD Gurugram. You can take either of the following paths after completing your education and training:

Fashion Designer

A course in fashion designing makes you a fashion designer. You can learn the technical part of designing and also work hard to develop a strong sense of aesthetics to come up with your own original line. You will have to create original ideas and also mix and adapt them to different concepts.

Skills Needed

• Adequate knowledge in fashion is a must
• Conceptualization of ideas
• Decision-making ability
• Strong communication skills

Fashion Illustrator

A fashion Illustrator makes ideas and designs come to life in the form of elaborate and beautiful sketches. As an illustrator you will have to sketch designs for a designer and for that you are going to need more than just a stable hand.

Skills Needed

• Exceptional sketching and designing skills
• Strong communication skills
• Conceptualization ability
• Visualization
• Quick thinking
• Creativity

Fashion Stylist

The style is more than how you carry yourself and a fashion stylist does the job of making everyone understand just that. He or she will be responsible for coordinating footwear with accessories and neckpieces with the entire ensemble and so on.

Skills Needed

• Creativity
• Teamwork
• Open to new ideas

These were just a few career options one can think about after having completed their education and training at INIFD Gurugram.

Students can open their boutique or invest in readymade garment manufacturing business after their course from INIFD Gurugram.

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