How Ancient Fashion Trends Spice Up Modern Fashion?

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How Ancient Fashion Trends Spice Up Modern Fashion?

modern fashion trends inspired by ancient fashion

What goes around comes around, just like fashion trends. How many times have you raided the closet of your mom and grandma looking for that vintage piece of clothing fabric which you had seen them wearing in their old pics? The reason behind it is you just spotting the top celebs sporting the same look on their social media feed. Either you wear that old blouse of your mom, or you get it revamped and upcycled to add in that little modern touch. Wondering what other ancient trends you have missed out on, trends that are currently inspiring the fashion designers? Here are some ancient fashion trends that spice up today’s modern fashion:

Straw is Back

Wicker basket style bags and straw hats are in vogue, something that you might have spotted the actresses holding in movies from the 60s. The touch of modernity can be spotted in the addition of leather and canvas belts and trimmings.

Tailored Suits

Bianca Jagger wore it then and Victoria Beckham wore it now. The power suits once relegated to only office wear are now being treated as streetwear.  They were tailored back then when they had become popular, with the silhouettes now being a little relaxed and fun colors replacing monochromes.

White Tights

You would not feel appalled at wearing white tights now which have made a strong comeback, all thanks to names like Chanel for raising them out of ashes.

Pedal Pushers

Your grandma probably had a closet full of these pants that grazed the shin in the 50s. Well, the good news is that they are back and it is time to get some from her or buy some.

Newspaper Print

News gets old very soon but not the newspaper print which is becoming a favorite of fashion designers for runways. You just have to be bold enough to carry it with confidence.


You know them by many names; sneakers, keds, or casual shoes. Whatever you call them, know that you really must have one of these and the brighter and bolder the better. Shiny golden ones, sparkly whites or simply neons, you can go completely bonkers on this one.

Hoop Earrings

We have to thank Diana Ross for this one as it was she who started this fashion trend and Beyonce for reviving it. Keep them plain or embellished, hoop earrings always look chic.

Ripped Jeans

The more frayed and torn they are the better. Ripped jeans seem to resurface every now and then and whenever they do, they are the only thing that can be seen everywhere. Whether they are ripped at the knees or ripped at the thighs, they look super glam.

Wide Leg Pants

Flared pants are back in all avatars. You have flared jeans, pants and even flared palazzos. The billowy silhouette is back in vogue and you should definitely have it in your kitty.

Ruffled Sleeves

Ruffles were big at one point of time (pun) and they have become one of the hottest modern fashion trend in town again with they being a part of dresses, tops, blouses, and everything imaginable.


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