Modern Interior Designs and Amazing Ancient Concepts Behind Them

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Modern Interior Designs and Amazing Ancient Concepts Behind Them

modern interior designs inspired by ancient culture

History repeats itself in a magnificent way, keeping some intrinsic things intact while adding a modern twist to it. This fact holds true even in the case of interior designing, where home decorators are taking cues from ancient culture for refurbishing homes that suit the design palate of the millennial. Most people today want a fusion of sorts when they are planning their homes. The design they feel should be traditional but at the same time should incorporate modernism and functionality. Pursuing an interior design course will enhance your creativity skills & allow you to transform your ideas into reality.

Here is a guide for interior designers on how to create modern interior designs that are inspired by ancient culture in the most aesthetic way.

• The Influence of Chinese Culture on Modern Interior Designs

A lot of interior designers are going back to the Chinese style of architecture, blending it seamlessly with the taste of today. Chinese or rather an Asian inspired décor can be either subdued or opulent, but it looks aesthetic nonetheless.

The use of warm and earthy colors in homes along with traditional Asian interior design, while keeping the furniture trendy and modern, is one way of blending two design themes in a refreshing way. Paneling on the walls is reminiscent of the designs of yore when the usage of screens in homes was quite prevalent. Using décor pieces that are symbolic of the Hindu or Buddhist culture is another way of bringing in shades of history into homes. Buddhist figurines, Décor items that include hand mudras or depictions of gods and goddesses give out an ancient feel.

Chinese zodiac includes five elements of nature: fire, wood, water, earth and metal, and they can be subtly incorporated in the design theme in an abstract manner. Keeping every room in sync with these elements is also the theme being followed these days. Another way of incorporating traditional Chinese interior design philosophy in your homes is through keeping the décor minimalistic by having the furniture done in a traditional style. Many interior designers are going in for Ming dynasty inspired furniture for instance, against a background keeping with the times, like white or beige. Acquiring interior design skills will help you mix-and-match to create beautiful spaces.

Indian Traditional Theme

Intricately carved wooden furniture with inlay work along with some traditional handicrafts as centerpieces is one way of achieving the Indian traditional look inside your home. Wood and stone are elements that add a touch of history, along with metal like brass and copper. Adding some traditional centerpiece furniture like a Gujarati Jhoola, a wooden partition, carved bedposts and a wooden cabinet showcasing regional traditional craftsmanship, is symbolic of the ancient Indian culture making way into your home.

Indian paintings like those belonging to the genre of Tanjore or Madhubani or even the Rajasthani Jharokha, infuse a traditional essence. Curios like décor items made of clay, terracotta, blue pottery, tribal art pieces and metallic figurines is another beautiful way in which you can not only display your Indian cultural heritage but also keep the interiors of the home traditional inspired from ancient Indian decor.

Having a traditional influence does not mean that every single piece in the house needs to adhere to the theme. The principle of fusion states that if you are keeping the décor traditional you can keep the furniture leaning more towards modernism and vice versa.

Interesting isn’t it. How we live in present surrounded by past interiors.

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