May 23, 2019

Pattern Making Techniques in Fashion Designing

Attention to detail is paramount when creating anything new, right from building a bridge to crafting a piece of garment. Unless you have the design plan […]
May 13, 2019
skills required to become an interior designer

Skills Required to be an Interior Designer – 7 Points Checklist

Home is where the heart is, not only of the homeowner but of the interior designer who turns the brick and mortar structure called house into […]
April 16, 2019
guide for fabric selection for fashion designers

Guide to Fabric Selection for Budding Fashion Designers

‘Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion’ – Nino Cerruti Fabric selection is the essence of the fashion world and it is what makes […]
March 25, 2019
study fashion interior design in abroad

Study Fashion / Interior Designing Course in Abroad – Yay or Nay?

“Study in Abroad” seems to be the mantra for thousands of youngsters passing out of college. The reason why Indians think that studying fashion designing, interior […]